John Legend to perform in Dubai for DSF Closing Celebration

The Right Time With John Legend Now

You will be surprised and happy to hear that John Legend is to perform in Dubai for DSF Closing Celebration. Wish to visit to john legend concert 2020? We wish to offer you some info.

A Few Words About Legend

By the end of 2002, John was increasingly working with Kanye, playing the piano, performing and composing lyrics for two College Dropout tracks, thereby adding notes to his already impressive and ever-increasing portfolio. In 2003, listeners rated John’s vocal performance in “You Don’t Know My Name,” the main single from the multi-platinum compilation “Diary Of Alicia Keys,” and also co-wrote and performed and remix musician Kanye West if I Ain’t Got You »of the same album. The fruits of the collaboration between John and West also included Encore and Lucifer, tracks from Jay-Z’s The Black Album. In addition, John became the lead vocalist and co-author of The Boogie That B, which was featured on Black Eyed Peas’ Elephunk.

Talk about John’s talent passed from mouth to mouth

He replenished guest lists in a number of projects recorded in 2003 and 2004: he played the synthesizer at Overnight Celebrity; sang, played and just appeared in the form of “This Way” Dilated Peoples; performed as a co-author and musician in “I Want You” Janet Jackson; contributed to the lyrics, music, and performance of the song “I Try,” the main single from Talib Kwely’s album, Beautiful Struggle, featuring Mary J. Blige. In addition to playing the main vocal parts in “Selfish” Slum Village, John played music for Eve, Common and Britney Spears, meanwhile continuing to perform in clubs and releasing two independent discs with live recordings of “Solo Sessions, Vol. 1: Live at The Knitting Factory ”and“ Live At SOB’s.” With the john legend live concert you can find the best time.

By the end of 2003, Kanye West signed a contract with such a versatile Legend, which has since become the first musician of its production company KonMan Entertainment, followed by an agreement with Columbia Records. After signing an agreement with this label, John began the laborious work of selecting the best songs from all that he wrote in recent years, eventually leaving about 40 tracks. About ten of them, John and West still worked hard to put them together on the album. “I understand very well that this album should set the tone for my future creative career,” John is convinced. “The first song “Used To Love U” is a reflection of what the audience buying the album associates me with. This is what I became famous for.” With the john legend concert tickets now you can have the best chance for a perfect time.

When asked about his style, John replies: “He is very emotional, inside this style is saturated with confession, but outside it is surrounded by hip-hop rhythms, unique witty lyrics, more” major “, more” harmonious “and optimistic music.” A great example of the above is the repeatedly called “Do What I Gotta Do” (with the participation of Kanye West), as well as the easy-to-remember “I Can Change” (with the support of Snoop Dogg), which John himself characterizes as “a song about my redemption!” I know that everything will work out fine with this girl, I have to repent. This is hip hop with the shadow of a gospel, so the choir is involved in the recording of this track.

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