What Are The Steps To Be Taken When Your Android Mobile Tells You That The Card Is Damaged?

What Are The Steps To Be Taken When Your Android Mobile Tells You That The Card Is Damaged?

The vast majority of mobiles with Android operating systems have the possibility of inserting a MicroSD card to expand the internal storage space, that is, to be able to save the photos, music, videos, or any document that is needed at that time. But some are not secure enough so a mandatory question is what to do when your Android phone tells you that the card is damaged?

It is surely that many will be too scared, especially if they have important documents or files in it that cannot be lost. So today we will know some tips to be able to format it and also recover its data

1.Reasons For The Cards Get Damage

It is almost a fact that many people wonder why MicroSD cards are damaged, the answer is quite simple since just as it happens in computers when removing it, it needs to be removed safely and not suddenly, since it is working and when you take it out quickly it will get damaged and you will stop writing to it.

For this, there are two very simple ways to extract it, the first one is more than obvious, that is, the Smartphone must be turned off and after that subtract it. While the second is to access settings, storage and select the external card and once inside press on the option to Unmount SD card, to be able to remove it safely.

2.Format The Damaged Card From The Mobile

One of the first steps that you must carry out to be able to recover your MicroSD card, and you do not need to buy a new one, is to format it from the same mobile phone, a process that can be carried out in a very simple way. Especially when you can no longer access your photos, music, or documents because your card has been damaged.

To do this you must enter the general settings on your mobile and once inside you will see that your mobile should recognize it even though it is damaged. It is precisely in this menu where at the bottom you will see an option called Format SD Card.

It is there where you can delete all the data on the SD card, such as photos and music. But do not worry if you have something important, later we will know how you can recover files from damaged cards.

Clicking on this tool will confirm if you really want to format the card that is damaged on your Android mobile. You will have to press there and wait for the process to finish to remove and re-enter the MicroSD, which should already work again. If it has not done so, you must format it from a computer.

3.Format A Damaged Card From The Computer

If the first option has not worked for you, the process you must follow is to format the damaged card of your Android mobile from a computer, and we will do it in the FAT32 method, which is the safest.

So the first thing you should do is insert your MicroSD card into an adapter with which you can connect it to your computer to continue the process. Once connected to the computer you must go to “My PC” or the place where you can find all external devices.

Once there, you must secondary-click on the part of your damaged card and you must select the “Format” option, this is how a box will be displayed on your computer screen. In it, you must check the Format FAT32 option in the second box

You can also put a name so that it is recognized on your device and finally you must remove the check from the “Quick Format” part since in many cases it tends to damage the card much more. After finishing the process, safely remove your memory and insert it in the mobile, it should already be working

4.Try For Recovering The Data

If you are one of the users who needs to recover the files or data from your damaged card, you can do it in a very simple way. Since when connecting to your mobile you can create a new folder and if your computer recognizes it you can save them there before formatting it.

If it does not recognize it, you must follow a slightly more complicated method, but one that we have previously seen in AndroidSpain, with which you can recover all the data, music, and photos from the MicroSD card.

5.Change The Card

If after formatting the card you cannot get your device to recognize it again, it will be time to buy a new Micro SD. But before doing this, you must follow several tips that will help you not to have the same problem again, so make sure of the class, the writing speed and the storage capacity of a MicroSD card for mobile phones

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